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Ovidie Box Set

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In this boxset, 2 films:

Orgy in Black:

Edouard and Ursula are drunk from sex and alcohol. In search of strong sensations, they decide to go to a haunted cemetary. They are barely there long enough to quench a few fantasies, before they get captured by a hord of zombies, sexual slaves of severe women: The Queen of Deaths. The youg couple now has only one desire: flee this damned cemetary in which debauchery reigns. They try several times, in vain. Maybe they're already dead. Marc, a boy, shy and retiring, has a dull love life, even platonic relationship with Veronique, an artist-painter like himself. But one night his universe shifts when he meets Nicole, a prostitute with a a strange feline face whose fiery temperament allows him to discover the force and violence of sexual pleasure. Distressed by this revelation, he starts frequenting the "clubs" of Pigalle where eroticism and lust reign. So when Veronique, bored of their shared life, announces to him that she wants to leave him, Marc, obsessed by the burning souvenir of his lovemaking with Nicole, decides to take the young woman streetwalker and start an ongoing affair. But that doesn't take into account, Nicole's "protector", who won't have any of it.

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Playable Worldwide
Director Ovidie
Studio Marc Dorcel
Year of production 2008
Duration (min) 186
Language French
Casting Ovidie, Jessica Fiorentino, Nomi, Sophie Evans
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Ovidie Box Set
€12.50 €24.99
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