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The Original Black Body Massage Wand Pack

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Discover the orgasm triggering machine.
Discover this Dorcelstore pack including:
The Original body massage wand that ensures an orgasm in 90 seconds;
A YesforLov feminine excitation gel.
The Original Body Massage wand:
Discover the orgasm triggering machine.
Connect it to the mains with its supplied 3 meter power cable, and enjoy unlimited autonomy for this clitoral vibrator. The power of its pulses, adjustable thanks to the integrated remote control, can go from a slight tremor to vibrations of incredible power, literally capable of causing an orgasm in 90 seconds. The vibrating head, flexible, can be passed over the erogenous zones, for massages that will quickly lead to the ultimate pleasure....
YesforLov Feminine Excitation Gel 10 g: this gel, with a soft peppermint scent, boosts clitoral arousal.
More Information
Heating No
Battery Type Mains plug supplied
Vibrating or manual Vibrating
Connected No
Length in cm 32
Diameter in cm 6
Color Black
Brand Dorcel
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