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    Womanizer Liberty Purple

    SKU# 97199

    • Leading brand in clitoral stimulation
    • Non-contact stimulation
    • More efficient evolutions
    Additional Information
    Length in cm 10
    Diameter in cm 5,5
    For Her
    Usage Clitoris
    Vibrating or Manual Vibrating
    Battery Provided Yes
    Battery Type USB Charger
    Color Mauve
    Resistance to water Waterproof
    Brand Womanizer
    Pink Red Blue Violet

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    Don't miss the latest stimulator from the famous clitoral stimulation brand: Womanizer! Liberty is the new version of the brand's reference clitoral stimulator.

    A brand new design that promises you hours of pleasure, and dazzling orgasms! It has been specially designed in a pocket size, so you can take it everywhere with you.  

    We remind you of the main features of the Womanizer:

    • Pressure waves delivered directly to your clitoris
    • Stimulation without direct contact with your clit
    • Suction with a tip that will be placed directly around your clit
    • Explosive orgasms thanks to this technology
    Womanizer Stimulator Liberty

    First of all, you discover a womanizer in mini format. The design has been redesigned to provide you with maximum ease of use. Its small size allows you to take it in hand very easily. It fits snugly in your hand and you have direct access to the buttons, which allow you to play with the different stimulation modes. You have 6 modes that deliver stimulation patterns on your clitoris. It's up to you to choose the one that will get you up to the curtain in no time!

    You will then find a small cover, which allows you to keep it clean wherever it is. If it hangs at the bottom of a bag, from your suitcase, simply remove this cover and place the stimulator directly on your clit. Do not waste time cleaning it before use. Time is fun!!!

    This cover is magnetized, which gives it a very practical and easy to use side once again. In addition, it will go completely unnoticed if someone inadvertently falls on it.  

    The functionalities have been reduced to the simplest. Two buttons to juggle between the 6 stimulation modes, and off you go on the highway of pleasure.

    The clitoral stimulator has 2 modes that will adapt to all clitoris. A supersoft mode to start smoothly, and for all sensitive clitoris, it is ideal for all women wishing to discover the stimulation of the clitoris, at first. 

    You can also find a SuperPower mode, for the wildest of you, or for those in a hurry. It doesn't waste your time and gets to the point: orgasm in less than a minute.

    The tip of the womanizer settles around your clitoris, and it delivers its pressure waves and pulsations.

    • Length: 10.4 cm
    • 100% Hypoallergenic silicone
    • Phthalate-free
    • 6 stimulation modes
    • Rechargeable by USB (Supplied)
    • 2 hours autonomy at full charge
    • Interchangeable tip

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