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Black Three-hole Balaclava

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In the category of classic toys, the black three-hole balaclava is undoubtedly one of the great classics. If you want to add a touch of mystery and glamour to your sex game, this is the accessory you must absolutely adopt.
Black three-holes balaclava for your sexy-themed parties! Designed for both men and women, this balaclava will only let the eyes and mouth of your partner glimpse through. With a bondage kit, it will accentuate your partner's submission. Her sensual and delicious mouth will be at your mercy. Enough to give free rein to a succulent blowjob session. Mystery and imagination will fill you. By wearing this balaclava, your partner will be totally incognito.
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Suitable for intermediary, expert
Brand Ouch
SKU 97914
Made of spandex, the three-hole balaclava guarantees optimum comfort. This lightweight fabric has no effect on hearing and breathing. So no matter what level you play, your partner won't suffocate in it. Moreover, they will be able to hear your every wish and command. This object is especially popular with fetishists.
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Black Three-hole Balaclava
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