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Claire and Cara at your service

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Everybody in this house, the male staff and these three gorgeous maids in uniform alike, has a duty to cater to Madame and her husband's every desire. Here a FULL SERVICE is offered!
Devotion, obedience, perfectionism, but also – and above all – beauty, sensuality, imagination, boldness and limitless perversion.  These are the many strict criteria by which employees are selected. The natural confidence and sexual appetite of young Cara immediately appealed to her wealthy employers in their stately home, as well as to Claire and Valentina, the two other maids. Well... Especially Claire!
Tonight, Claire Castel invites Cara Saint Germain to her room. They are followed closely by the butler, but he is not allowed to join in. He can only watch the bodies of these two beauties intertwine, caress, lick and give each other pleasure with rather large sex toys.
Horny and frustrated, the next day, the butler is happy to discover Cara spying on him in the shower. The young maid starts sucking his cock with passion and greed before offering herself entirely to him.
Every corner of the house contains its share of excitement. In the garage, the virile valet brutally sodomizes Madame, and Claire comes several times during amazingly intense double penetration. Here, fantasies have no limits.

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Playable Worldwide
Director Hervé Bodilis
Studio Marc Dorcel
Year of production 2015
Duration (min) 100
Audio Language International version
Casting Claire Castel, Cara Saint-Germain, Chloé Lacourt, Valentina Nappi
SKU 81353
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Claire and Cara at your service
€14.99 €29.99
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