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Stimulateur Clitoridien Pocket Bullet

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Clitoral Stimulator Pocket Bullet

SKU# 7010707

  • Small and discreet: to slip into your bag
  • Ultra powerful: 3 speeds and 7 pulse modes
  • 100% ABS and phthalate-free
Additional Information
Length in cm 10
Diameter in cm 2,4
For Her
Usage Clitoris
Vibrating or Manual Vibrating
Battery Provided Yes
Battery Type USB Charger
Color Pink
Resistance to water Waterproof
Brand Pauline & Margot

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If you still don't know if you are a clitoral or vaginal woman, don't panic! There is only one way to know, to test again and again until you know your body perfectly. He will give you the answer.

Pauline and Margot have put together a short summary to help you find the answer. The pocket bullet is a small clitoral stimulator. Don't trust its size, you may be surprised!

A motor, three speeds and seven vibration modes, in a sextoy the size of a lipstick, you'll be whining about it with pleasure. All you have to do is place the tip on your pleasure button and enjoy it purely and simply, it does the job.

You can place it along your lips, with the tip on your clitoris for even more sensations! It is up to you to test all possible combinations, position, vibration and speed, this clitoral stimulator offers you a range of possibilities that you will have to discover!

Pauline & Margot wanted to meet a need of each woman. For all those who want to discover the power of a sex toy, those who rely on discretion, efficiency, ease of use and transport.

Don't leave your clitoral stimulator behind! Its size allows you to leave it lying around at the bottom of your handbag. A quick need, take it out quickly and slide it over your clitoris. The matter will be resolved quickly. Remember to take a room on the top floor of your hotel, when you travel for business, your elevator trips will never be the same again!

If you are a new sextoy user, this format is ideal, don't be afraid and discover gently how to have fun alone and how your body reacts.

Once you master it, you can switch to other types of stimulators. Masturbation is a very complete universe.

You take care of your body, and you don't want to take any risks in any way. Pauline and Margot's Pocket Bullet was designed with the best materials. Phthalate-free, 100% hypoallergenic medical silicone, it is as soft as velvet. Every time you touch your skin, you will shudder with pleasure!

Moreover, and this is not to be underestimated, Pauline and Margot's clitoral stimulator is completely waterproof!

Waves and vibrations propagate more quickly in the water, I let you imagine the ecstasy you will find yourself in after use in your hot bath.....

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