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    Dorcel Airlines - Escales sexuelles - DVD Marc Dorcel

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    • Dorcel Airlines - Escales sexuelles - DVD Marc Dorcel
    • Dorcel Airlines - Escales sexuelles - DVD Liselle Bailey
    Marc Dorcel

    Dorcel Airlines - sexual stopovers

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    Perched on their high heels and dressed in their sexy skin-tight uniforms and delicate lingerie, stewardesses make many travelers heads spin…and Dorcel Airlines is no exception - quite the opposite, in fact! Pretty Cléa, married to…

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    Additional Information
    Brand Marc Dorcel
    Director Liselle Bailey
    Studio Marc Dorcel
    Year 2019
    Subtitles Portugais, Grec, Hollandais
    Languages Dutsch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
    Total time (min) 124
    Système PAL / NTSC

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    In 2007, Marc Dorcel launched his very first Dorcel Airlines. At the time, the buzz was incredible: shot in an airliner, the public had thought that Marc Dorcel launched his own airline ...

    After 4 episodes between 207 and 2011, we had to wait until the end of 2018 to find our charming hostesses, dressed in their perfect pink uniform. Discover the second part of the "updated" series under Liselle Bailey's camera.

    In "Sexual Stopovers", Dorcel Airlines hostesses like to offer their bodies for intense sex.

    Cléa's husband has chosen his wife: he loves the flight attendants. Just returned home, the young French has every interest in keeping his outfit: fellatio and penetrations are only more intense within the couple.

    If Cléa turns her husband's head, the charming Rhiannon does not leave the flight commander indifferent.

    It's before leaving in flight that the young woman teaser, the cap on her head and legs in perfect tights, the pilot. The latter will be happy to take the girl in a corner of the plane ...

    The essential role of a hostess is to take care of the customers. Quit to make services a bit special.

    This is the case of the beautiful Lucy Heart who, at the request of the assistant of a rich young man, will offer his body to the latter.

    The young woman starts with a voluptuous blowjob under the demanding eyes of the assistant, before spreading her legs and welcome the hard sex of the first young.

    For her part, Cléa is not faithful to her husband ... It is in a plane that two vigorous men offers him a double penetration before enjoying her on the breasts.

    But that's not all: hostesses like to take advantage of stops to get laid with their colleagues. Here, a steward with a rugby physique will be happy to share his room with two blondes as horny as nymphomaniacs.

    Lucy Heart takes care a client

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