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Truth or Dare Erotic Game

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Truth or Dare Erotic Couple(s) Edition is a game to be played as a couple, or between several couples. Naughty and bold, this game guarantees moments of discovery. Ready to take up the challenge?
69 questions... only the truth matters! 69 challenges... who will dare? After the great success of Truth or Dare Erotic Party Edition, the famous naughty game to be played with friends, MOODZZ launches a new intimate version, designed for couples.
Like its predecessor, this new Truth or Dare contains 69 very intimate questions and 69 provocative dares to be addressed. Bold and extremely exciting, this game will make you even more accomplices, under the blanket, and out of the bedroom too!
This torrid game was designed for couples, but you can also play with several people. In this case, are you going to choose your own partner when it's your turn to dare, or are you going to... ? Decide together what you prefer. Throw the Truth or Dare token (included) to find out which type of card you will draw. If it's a truth card, you earn points if you give an honest answer, as detailed as possible, to the question you are asked. If it's a Dare card, you earn points for accepting the challenge. The number of hearts on each card indicates the points you can earn. Don't want to answer a question or accept challenge? No problem... but the points you could have won will be deducted from your score. Everything is allowed, but nothing is mandatory. How far will you both dare to go? A small taste of the questions and challenges: For at least 30 seconds, mimic the slow rise of an orgasm... until it bursts. Don't hesitate to give your all, without forgetting the sound effects! What would you like to do with your partner, on a sexual level, that you have never done together? We bet you'll be able to find at least five of your partner's erogenous zones... just by using your tongue? Your partner will be the strict but fair judge of your success... ready? set? Go for it! Truth or Dare Erotic Couple(s) Edition is a game to be played as a couple, or between several couples. Naughty and daring, this game guarantees moments of discovery, excitement and laughter. If you play by points, determine beforehand what the winner can expect (from the loser). So, Truth or Dare, for couples... Ready for the challenge?
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Language French
Number of players 2 joueurs et plus
Suitable for beginner, intermediary
Brand Tease & Please
SKU 97991
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Truth or Dare Erotic Game
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