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Geisha Balls Nova Violet

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Svakom's Geisha Nova balls are excellent for strengthening the muscles of your vagina, practicing Kegel exercises, and regaining control of your sexual activity.

Geisha Nova Balls are of three types with different weights to vary the exercises and pleasures:

The heaviest: 95 grams: two Geisha balls with a total length of 17 cm and a diameter of 3.2 cm per ball.
The averages: 75 grams with a total length of 16.2 cm and a diameter of 2.8 cm per ball.
The lightest single ball: 49 grams with a total length of 13.5 cm and a diameter of 3.6 cm.

Each type corresponds to a step in your kegel exercises, but also in the search for pleasure. Start with the lightest one to gently start the insertion, passing through the means to develop your exercises. And finally, depending on your goals, the heaviest to go to the maximum level. These balls guarantee you a progressive rehabilitation, just like the pleasure felt during your exercises: from the softest to the most intense.

 Geisha balls are advised by gynaecologists and midwives to have the pelvic floor of your vagina work again after an event such as childbirth. Your vagina must regain its tonicity and power to meet your demands. And this from a sexual point of view, as well as from a wellness point of view, they will help you to regain confidence in your body.

Each session is obviously accompanied by pleasure with the zones solicited, and your exercises will become real pleasure sessions.

Made with the best materials, made of 100% hypoallergenic silicone, they are soft to the touch and will make you shiver every time you come into contact with your skin. This pack of geisha balls is made for all those who wish to remuscle and make your perineum work, but above all to take pleasure. So much linked the useful to the pleasant with this pack of Svakom Geisha Nova Balls. It's a high-end product that will delight every one of you.

Use them gradually, starting with the smallest before moving on to the larger ones. The pleasure and your well-being will return gradually.

More Information
Box No
Shape of the sextoy Geisha balls
Composition Silicone
Vibrating or manual Manual
Diameter in cm 3.6
Length in cm 17
Type of geisha balls Balls with internal ball
Résistance à l'eau Waterproof
Adapté pour beginner, intermediary, expert
Remote control No
Connected No
Stimulation of Perineum, Vagina
Color Purple
Brand Svakom
SKU 96522
For who Woman
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Geisha Balls Nova Violet
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