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Good girls

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Discover "Good Girls", the first film by director Ken Shiro for the American studio Deeper.

These women are ready to do anything to please... 

These women will do anything to please.

Aila Donovan helps her husband live out his sexual fantasies through her, as he watches from home. Alexis Tae helps a woman undo her husband. Liz Jordan opens up about her crush on her boss when she thinks she's alone. Avery Cristy performs a series of tasks requested of her by a man she met online. Each new request raises the stakes, as Avery goes to his house with the understanding that if she passes her tests, she will be allowed to see him in person.

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Director Ken Shiro
Studio Deeper
Year of production 2021
Duration (min) 165
Language English
Casting Liz Jordan, Alexis Tae, Avery Cristy, Aila Donovan
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Good girls
€15.00 €29.99
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