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    New Oeuf Vibrant Fun Egg

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    • Oeuf Vibrant Fun Egg

    Vibrating Egg Fun Egg

    SKU# 7010611

    • Double Vaginal and Clitoral Stimulation
    • Intuitive Remote Control
    • 100% Phthalate-free silicone
    Additional Information
    Length in cm 8
    Diameter in cm 3
    For Her
    Usage G Spot and Clitoris
    Vibrating or Manual Vibrating
    Battery Provided Yes
    Battery Type USB Charger
    Color Green
    Resistance to water Waterproof
    Brand Pauline & Margot

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    You knew masturbation with a sextoy, but only solo! Did you know that you can have fun with a pair stimulator? If you get along well, from a sexual point of view, with your current lover? Why not try a torque stimulator, such as Pauline and Margot's Fun Egg vibrating egg!

    With a vibrating bullet equipped with a remote control, you need absolute confidence in your partner for erotic games, and a good imagination. With this type of stimulator, you can play together as far as your imagination and the range of the remote control lets you do it.

    It's up to you to imagine scenarios, each one more naughty than the next. Take the lead, insert the vibrating bullet into your vagina and offer it the remote control. You will see the surprise in his eyes, then you will see his "perverse" imagination set in motion!

    He can take you on public transport at rush hour, and see you enjoying yourself in the middle of everyone. As for you, you will have to do your best not to attract attention. Here is an example of a sexy scenario that you could create. You will find many others we trust you for that... Restaurant, cinema, swimming pool... We don't tell you any more!

    The advantage of this stimulator for couples is that you can use it alone during your solo evenings under the duvet.

    Indeed, Pauline and Margot's Fun Egg, has the egg but also the remote control and guess what? It also vibrates independently of the egg. You see what we're getting at? What are you going to do with this vibrating remote control?

    While the egg will come to diffuse vibrations as close as possible to your G spot, where will you place this remote control? On your clitoris, of course!

    Double clitoral and vaginal stimulation is one of the main advantages of this stimulator, with three speeds and seven vibration modes.

    Its versatility is its asset. Alone or in a couple, you can take care of yourself in peace. Vaginal or clitoral, you choose according to your desires. Outside or at home, you decide.

    Perfect for all those who want a versatile erotic toy, able to adapt to any situation, whatever the occasions, partners or scenarios.

    If you care about the quality of products before they are used, you are right. And Pauline and Margot did not skimp on the quality of the materials used.

    Made of 100% hypoallergenic silicone, as soft as satin, each contact will seem like a caress, which will make you shiver with desire.

    As seen above, you can even create sexy scenarios in places like the pool, or other Jacuzzi, since the Fun Egg stimulator is totally waterproof.

    The Fun Egg couple stimulator is an ultra versatile stimulator that will satisfy any of your desires, as a couple or alone!

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