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Stimulateur Clitoridien Sona 2 Noir - Stimulation du clitoris haut de gamme

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  • Stimulateur Clitoridien Sona 2 Noir - Stimulation du clitoris haut de gamme
  • Stimulateur Clitoridien Sona 2 Noir - Finition luxueuse du stimulateur de clitoris
  • Stimulateur Clitoridien Sona 2 Noir packaging

Lelo Sona 2 Clitoris Stimulator Black

SKU# 97654

  • Improved version with better performance
  • Diffusion of stimulation waves around your clitoris
  • 12 vibrations
  • 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable
  • Ideal for all women
Additional Information
Length in cm 9
Diameter in cm 5,6
For Her
Usage Clitoris
Vibrating or Manual Vibrating
Battery Provided Yes
Battery Type USB Charger
Color Black
Resistance to water Waterproof
Brand Lelo
Black Violet

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The Lelo brand doesn’t need to be presented anymore. It reigns in the market for top-of-the-range, efficient sextoys. Their know-how and expertise in female pleasure has reached such a level that you could buy each of their sextoys with your eyes closed, while being sure of the result: an unforgettable orgasm!

Lelo offers you an advanced version of the Sona clitoral stimulator: the Sona 2. All feedbacks from women who tried the first version has allowed them to release an even more powerful, effective, and orgasmic version!

Elegance is Lelo's trademark, and the Sona 2 is no exception. 

This second version adds optimizations and modifications that will bring you even more pleasure.

The tip has been reworked, and has now a softer padding around the nozzle. It is also wider to spread vibrations on a larger area of your clitoris.

The inside of the tip is also deeper to allow each size of clitoris to benefit optimally from each of these sound waves.

The design has been redesigned for even easier handling. The body of the clitoral stimulator is now wavy.

All these improvements have been made with the sole aim of giving you more comfort of use, and especially even more quality orgasms!

Clitoral women will obviously love it! But Sona 2 is also for all women who want to experience clitoral orgasms.

It is intended to be simple but very effective. Its ultra simple handling allows the greatest number of people to use it.

Beginner women will discover the joys of clitoral stimulation. Women who are already adepts will discover new sensations.

This new version of Sona goes even further in the stimulation since each wave of pleasure will be added to the previous one, for an orgasm that gradually takes shape.

The sonic waves are concentrated only on the clitoris, they will stimulate each parts even those you don't see for a resounding orgasm.

p>The Sona 2 is extremely easy to use.

You place the tip around your clitoris and press the power button at the base of the stimulator to deliver the vibrations. It's as simple as that.

You can navigate between 12 vibration modes. Personalize your ascent to orgasm according to your desires of the moment.

You can start slowly, and increase the intensity as you go along. Or if you have a sudden craving, you can put it directly on the maximum vibration for a fast and electrifying orgasm.

The sona 2 was designed in a hypoallergenic silicone that is totally safe for your body. It does not contain phthalate.

As it is 100% waterproof you can play with it in your bath or shower for wet pleasures. Moreover, we invite you to use it immersed in water for a tenfold experience.

This clitoral stimulator is rechargeable by USB. It recharges quickly if you urgently need to enjoy it again and again!

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