Founded in 2002 in Stockholm, Lelo starts with only 10 employees.

Today, with more than 600 employees, the brand is present in more than 40 countries with numerous offices worldwide.


Lelo owes its success to its taste for continuous innovation and care for product quality. The Lelo sextoys are high quality products with a design, innovation, elegance and reliability that is no longer to be demonstrated.

All Lelo products (vibrators and sextoys) are ecological because they do not use batteries. They are all rechargeable. One of the best sextoys company of the world.

11 products

11 products

Lelo Sextoy de lixeLelo Sextoy de lixe

Lelo sex toysLelo sex toys

Ina WaveIna Wave

Sona Cruise de LeloSona Cruise de Lelo