Do you want to use make the most of your sex appeal or make your other half’s fantasies come true? Try out a sexy outfit and add a little spice to your sex life. And if you have always wanted to take things one step further with sexy role play or videos, our range of outfits will fire your imagination!

Make the most of your sex appeal with a naughty outfit

Deguisement HotesseIf you find it hard to let go in your sex play, slip into the role of someone else for an evening with a naughty outfit. You’ll see that it’s a lot easier to go beyond your limits. You’ll learn to use all your assets and charms to have your partner eating out of your hand which will open the door to his most wicked desires

Fulfil all your man’s fantasies with a sexy outfit

Every man dreams of an ideal women, whether it’s a curvy air hostess or a timid student. So if you want to add a little spice to your sex life, what are you waiting for? Choose the sexy outfit that puts a smile on your face from our selection. He won’t be able to keep his hands off you.
If your man likes to dominate, then turn him on with a sexy and submissive maid’s outfit or even a naughty secretary’s outfit which is sure to get him hot under the collar.
Is he more the type of guy who likes to introduce nice shy women to the world of debauchery? Offer yourself to him in sexy student or nurse’s outfit.
And if he wants you to bring out your bad girl side, he will be drooling when you are in your naughty prisoner’s outfit.
Feel free to accessorise your outfit with a wig for example, to bring your character to life.

Giving your man a proper welcome home with a sexy outfit after a hard day at work is the recipe for an unforgettable evening of shared pleasure. Take good care of him and arouse both your senses and his by using an indulgent massage oil or take control of the situation by choosing from our range of cuffs and tie-up accessories.

Take things up a notch with naughty role play

Do you want to take your sexy games a step further with group role play or even naughty videos? You’ll be certain to find Robe en vinylsomething to fire your imagination in our range of sexy outfits. With our nurses outfits, student outfits or army officer uniforms, the stage is set to play out every scenario.
And to top off your little production, get kitted out with sexy and provocative dresses and skirts as well as naughty accessories such as intimate jewellery that your playmate will discover in good time. If you fancy something more scandalous, go for a latex outfit or a leather, imitation leather or vinyl outfit.
Add action to your pleasure with various sex toys and other kinky accessories to punish anyone who disobeys.
Create ever more unusual scenarios and enter a world of limitless lust and pleasure.

As sexy outfits are often made of lace, chiffon and other delicate fabrics, it is recommended that you wash them by hand or in the washing machine on the delicates setting. Tumble drying should be avoided to ensure your favourite outfits last for as long as possible. Leather, imitation leather and vinyl outfits require special care. For your latex outfits, it is recommended that you apply a special spray to make them shine.