The following scenario is inspiration meant to guide you towards pleasure, but under no circumstances, constitutes user instructions to be followed by the letter. It involves erotic games and intimate relations that must be mutually agreed to and in which you and your partner must both freely decide on your desires and your limits. So be attentive and have fun!


Recently, you have been wanting to spice up your sex life a bit and mix things up a little. Prepare the decor and the accessories for your role play, in secret. Find a spare moment for your both, and if you live together, wait until she’s out. Send her a pushy text message, ordering her to meet you back at home, in your bedroom. Do not give her any details.


When she comes in, without saying a word, you show her the lingerie that you have specially prepared for her. She understands and puts it on without any questions. Once she is wearing the lingerie that you have chosen, order her to get on her knees. You partner likes the little game that you want to play with her and she does as you say. You feel the excitement rise in both of you, and the atmosphere is filled with sexual tension.


So that she submits to you fully, you blindfold her with a ribbon or a satin mask. Blind, she surrenders to your goodwill, to make the most of her submission. You can give her orders, to carry out the scenario that you have been dreaming of for so long.


Begin gently by putting her on all fours, and use this moment to softly awaken her sense with a few caresses, by using a feather. Softly stroke her body by alternating between the feather with light scratches using your nails. Speak to her, make her understand that for now, she belongs to you, that she is yours – your little devil, your libertine, your little slut, your whore, whichever of these words arouses her the most.


Whilst she is still on all fours, get down to business: caress her, put your tongue where you wish: including on her sexy lingerie, or in her orifices… Caress her clitoris to take her to the verge of orgasm, without letting her come. And without her being able to see you, or guess what you’re doing, reward her for her submission by inserting Geisha balls in her vagina, that you have applied lots of lubricant to for increased pleasure.


Your partner is ready to continue this delicious session of submission. It is time to turn things up a notch: get her to stand up, with her eyes still blindfolded, tie her hands behind her back. You can, depending on your preferences and what arouses you the most, use the satin ties, or even handcuffs. You take her to your bed, you sit down next to her. Ask her if she has been bad. Since she has, you are going to have to put your foot down. To make it easier to teach her a lesson, and so she can enjoy it as much as possible, lie her over you, her breast on your knees and punish her as she deserves. If she has been really bad, use a leather paddle. The pleasure that you give her by spanking her will be heightened by the vibration of the Geisha balls


It is time to discipline her, put her on her knees. Put your hard penis on her face: push it against her mouth, stroke her lips with it. Don’t let her suck it unless you have given her permission to. With the tip of the tongue first of all… Then after giving her permission to suck you for a few moments, push yourself into her mouth, so that she can feel how hard you are, and put her on all fours at the edge of the bed. Give it to her doggy style, her arse totally offered up to you. What better way to finish that by ejaculating on her red buttocks?


To get going again, run her a nice bath, then take care of her tender bottom by applying a cream – who know, that may be the opportunity for another saucy moment?