DORCEL TV, the essential channel, which targets an audience over 18, bases most of its programming on branded content.

With her identity signs, Dorcel wanted to set up a network of pleasure with her chain. Documentaries and reports are intended for couples, but also for the most naughty among us!

The chic and sexy universe of the brand appeals to each subscribers today and this figure is constantly evolving.

Fun is the main concern of the film crews. All the content is aimed at the pleasure of viewers. Obviously we are talking about quality content, where lust, glamour and voluptuousness are the key words.

These are characteristics that we find in the famous brand across the Atlantic: Playboy.  Playboy TV is recognized worldwide for its content. Reality shows where the cameras shoot H24 to capture the sexiest moments of the sexiest women on the planet, or series made with a hint of romance and glamour, are the hottest visual content you’ll find on the brand’s website. Playboy’s offering is one of the most comprehensive adult entertainment offerings in the US.

DORCELTV’s offer updated in 2018

Dorcel TV Offre

Here is an overview of what Dorcel TV has to offer:

  • 1 day pass €1.99 per month Discover Dorcel TV for 24 hours for only €1.99
  • 1 month pass -25% 14,99 € per month Offer without obligation
  • 1 year pass exclusive promotion -50% 49,99 € per year 49.99€ instead of 99€

There is something for everyone. Something to satisfy everyone’s pleasure!For the curious or for those who already know what they want, you will find the offer that suits you! Attention do not hesitate any more a moment you will have access to all the most divine contents. The offer includes access to Dorcel Live TV, as well as the D+1 version.

4 HD channels just for you.  You will find the flagship programs such as PORNSTAR, SEX INSIDE and GIRLS ON FIRE.It’s only Live, everything you see is live, you don’t have access to replays, no SVOD.

This is the particularity of this offer, thought for the moment. It’s up to you to enjoy it, the pleasure is within reach of the remote control!This offer won’t last long! Hurry up and get your accesses back!

Luxure Dorcel TV

Hot moments in front of the Dorcel TV Channel

You will be in front of the most complete adult entertainment channel offered in France.

The best programs, the best reports, will take you in sessions of pleasure, alone or with your partner of erotic games.

The sexiest scripts are on Dorcel TV, and you will have unlimited access to all the channel’s content.

Plan your evenings and try to keep up. The best of lust and pleasure is on Dorcel TV.