It is obvious that the adult movies industry has always been at the forefront of fashion!

Fashion, technique and art.

As early as prehistoric times, the first artists drew phalluses on cave walls or sculpted representations of women with large breasts, and thereafter each new technological breakthrough allowed artists to refine their ways of depicting erotic images. Printing, of course, then photography and cinema.

The first erotic images appear in daguerreotype almost as soon as photography was invented.

In 1896, less than a year after the invention of the cinematograph by the Lumière brothers, a first film was censored. The Edison company broadcasts a one-and-a-half-minute tape in its network of Kinetoscopes showing the lascivious dance of Miss Fatima, a belly dancer. Censored! There’s a first time for everything. The oldest French erotic movie of which we keep a copy is a story of a musketeer trussing maids. Blowjob, various mating, sodomy, all the figures of adult cinema already appear in it.

Thereafter the adult movies industry took part in the fast success of the video recorders and video cassettes, all the films of this period are still available like Cathy Fille Soumise, L’Amour C’est Mon Métier, Ondée Brûlante, with Brigitte Lahaie. We found adult content on DVD, with “interactive” versions on some supports allowing to shift points of view. It has invested the Internet, the views of adult movies are counted by the billions, we can see 3D films, featuring sexual robots, the future is already X-rated… The universe and techniques of video games invaded adult cinema.

No progress has been missed!

But adult content is also at the forefront of cultural fashions.

Rule 34 of Anonymous’ Internet code gives the measure of its omnipotence: “If something exists, then a pornographic parody of it exists. Without exception…”

Cosplay is a seemingly harmless activity, consisting of disguising oneself as faithfully as possible as a character in a comic book, manga or fantasy TV series. Erotic films feature young women dressed as Catwoman or Poison Ivy performing improbable sex scenes with a Batman who has kept only his pointed-ear mask for any costume. A notch above, the “futanari” films feature female characters with turgid penises that they are determined to use. Series of computer-generated images show them in action, surrounded by aliens and sculptural women…

Real women are also displayed in 3D. The actress Anna Polina, known for her very advantageous plastic, was one of the first to shoot adult movies in 3 dimensions. She described her feelings when she discovered herself on the screen… “When we put on the glasses and an erotic creature appears in front of our eyes, it is almost like science fiction, the woman looks at us and we have the impression that she belongs to us, we then let ourselves be submerged in a waking dream and the magic happens.”

Dorcel 3D, a waking dream.

Adult entertainment industry is at the forefront, technically, aesthetically… But is it sexually?

Did new practices appear in adult movies at the same time as in society as a whole?

Of course, and even long before!

Spectators discovered the joys of swinging in films long before they dared to visit libertine clubs. They wanted to imitate Julie Valmont and Angel Emily whom they had seen in Notre Première Soirée Échangiste.

Candaulism, a popular practice among adventurous couples, is one of the simplest figures of erotic cinema. A married woman makes love to her lover in the presence of her husband who enjoys the show. Je Partage Ma Femme with Taylor Sands, Anna Rose, Vinna Reed, Linda Sweet, Subil Arch, Timea Bela, Olivia Grace or Chrissy Fox is a good example. Not forgetting the famous HPG movie, Sois Gentil, Fais Jouir Ma Femme starring Giulia Lov.

Bisexuality, even pansexuality, which seems to be the new standards of the younger generation, are already appearing as the natural behavior of the stars of Dorcel’s movies.

What about tomorrow?

Male sexuality, thanks to the discovery of prostatic pleasure, is also evolving. All the objects, belt dildo, stimulators, plugs are already available for men, serving a pleasure they are just discovering.

Always at the forefront!