Yesterday’s taboos no longer prevail today.

Only a few decades ago, sodomy was considered a totally unacceptable practice within most couples. Women in particular refused it because they found it humiliating… and painful!

Nowadays, almost nobody is shocked by a sexual act that has become commonplace, especially thanks to adult films that have always presented it in a positive way. Sodomy is as good for the woman who receives it as it is for the man who gives it, as long as he does it well. Luna Rival, the heroine of L’Initiation de Juliette, is “tenderly sodomized” in front of her employers. And she obviously appreciates the moment.

Actress and director of adult movies Coralie Trinh Thi, author of Une Leçon de Fellation in the Osez… book series advises initially to prepare the anus of the sodomized person with “the pulp of your fingers”. It is necessary according to her “to caress the circumference of the anus, to play with the folds, to rub it in circular motions…”. Then, taking advantage of the contraction reflexes, “push your finger deeper until you fill the entire anal canal. Begin the back and forth movements: if your partner arches, opens up more, moans, gasps, you are on the right track.”

Then it will become necessary to lubricate along the length of the penis, with special emphasis on the glans.

This is the time to use the anal lubricant DORCEL MEN whose long-lasting and ultra-lubricating texture allows maximum comfort during intercourse.

And do not hesitate to have several bottles of it permanently.


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Plug Anal Bijou Geisha Ruby M


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Anal Plug Bijou Geisha Ruby M

A real jewel of anus, this plug will delight you as well as your naughty play partner. It will stimulate you thanks to the technology of Geisha balls. Balls were incorporated inside, and with each movement, it will create vibrations which will be diffused in all the sextoy, for your biggest happiness.

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Because “remember”, says Coralie, “you can never have too many of them! Then lubricate the anus…” The operation begins: “Place the glans against the muscle and press it firmly but slowly. Use reflex contractions again: after each contraction, the muscle relaxes a little more…”. The rest will be done gradually, slowly, then more and more firmly when the anus is totally open to the presence of the erect penis…

Sodomy will not be painful if it is preceded by a delicate lubrication and if it is carried out with a delicacy. But what if no one is willing to visit you in depth and make you discover this particular pleasure? Luckily the sex toys are there to serve your pleasure, like those contained in the Booty Plug anal plug box. Their different diameters will allow you to gradually get used to the presence of a foreign body, while waiting to receive a firm and soft male sex. Or discover l’As product line, experts in anal pleasure for exciting and sensual experiences. In the meantime, the Deep Expand vibrating anal plug will come to widen your anus, giving you new pleasures. While bulging, it will reproduce the sensations of an effective penetration. As for the anal chain Dorcel, it will reproduce the effect of an effective penetration.

Progressive and intense penetration, thanks to its rosary shape and beads of different diameters.

With all these toys, all these lubricating products, all this advice, all that remains is to choose the partner to proceed with. The actresses Shirly, Jennifer, Jentina have chosen! It is by the way the title of the film which brings them together, Sodomie Avec un Inconnu. We discover them indulging in anal pleasure – among other things – in the presence of an amateur filmmaker who shoots them in the middle of the action.

A little more libertine, Priscilla, a young Brazilian woman determined to become famous in the entertainment world, arrives in Paris, where she becomes the star of a cabaret with the evocative name Cabaret Sodom Club. This is also the title of the film, where we discover a group of strippers whose lascivious displays are just a pretext to offer their spectators, “the delights of their arrogant breasts, the expert caresses of their mouths and tongues during skillful blowjobs, the wet bush of their burning genitals and the welcoming warmth of their throbbing anuses”.

A “throbbing anus” is also the characteristic of the high school girls performed by Tiffany Leiddi, Lucie Krammers and Adria Rose. They are so expert in the subject that they are called Les Anales du bac.

No better!