This evening, your partner returns home from work a little later. You are showered, perfumed and waiting for him wearing a dressing gown over a sexy outfit underneath. When he arrives, you pretend to be tired and tell him that you’ve had a hard day, that you are tired and that you just want to have a relaxing evening on the sofa with the television on.


You tell him that you prepared a TV dinner whilst you were waiting for him to get home from work and ask him if he would mind going to get it in the kitchen. SURPRISE! In fact, it’s a tray on which you have placed massage oils, some lubricant, an adult film or your sex tape, and sex toys like the Expert G or the Joy Pad.


During this time, you have removed your dressing gown and you are waiting for him lasciviously on the sofa, in your sexy lingerie outfit. You are already turned on, thinking about his reaction to your tray.


He comes back with the tray and a cheeky smile, stops for a moment to admire your lingerie, which takes his breath away. You are sure that he is already hard… You put the film in the player and press play. You ask him, in an innocent voice, if he would mind massaging you so you can unwind. He is more than willing and covers you in erotic massage oil, spreading the sensual fragrance all over you. You kiss him passionately, and push your oily body up against his. Your embrace quickly turns into a body massage, and you rub your breasts and your buttocks all over his body, whilst watching the adult film. You feel his body tighten and loosen up against yours. You can feel that he is hard, very hard…


You have chosen the adult film to suit his fantasies, and he is already very turned on by the images and the sound, but that’s not enough for you. You begin to take inspiration from the film. You imitate the actresses’ movements, and reproduce them on his body… You swallow his penis greedily and match your movements to what’s on the screen. He very quickly understands your game and gets into it too. He also begins to imitate the actors in the film, and this mirroring effect makes your caresses even more exciting.


The moment you’re waiting for in the film arrives, the major anal scene. You are extremely excited and you grab the tube of lubricant from the tray. You bend over in front of him offering up your buttocks holding out the tube defiantly. To make your request clear, you have made sure that you have anal spray to hand.


Very tempted by your proposal, he grabs the spray and the lubricant and covers your anus, before inserting a finger, and then two… He has pressed a sex toy against your clitoris and is nibbling your neck. Filled with sexual desire, you beg him to penetrate you. He inserts his penis gently, and you tremble with ecstasy. On the screen, the actress squirms with pleasure receiving double penetration from two actors. You give into the pleasure of each thrust, deeper and deeper, quicker and quicker, and your pleasure is so intense that you grab the sex toy that he is still holding against your clitoris and push it into your throbbing vagina. Your man is about blow, the sensations of pressure and the back and forth of the sex toy, and especially your cries of pleasure drive him crazy.

You cum together, you and your man… and your three partners on the screen.


To finish the evening in total harmony, and to prolong the bond, don’t hesitate to suggest a bath together… you can follow our sexual guide if you have any energy left.